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The initial consultation fee is $90. At this appointment Dr Coveney will discuss your treatment options and fee for these options.

As no two orthodontic problems are the same the cost of treatment will depend on the severity of the problem, estimated length of treatment and the type of treatment required. Therefore, fees vary from patient to patient.

The fee for braces could vary from $4000 to $8500 depending on your particular needs. Early treatments and removable appliances used on younger patients cost significantly less. 

There are additional fees for the initial consultation, pre treatment xrays and study models, treatment discussions and any other preparatory steps prior to the fitting of braces or appliances.


After your consultation with Dr Coveney, our Office Manager will give you a quote in writing and discuss information such as making claims through your private health fund.

While we appreciate payment upfront for braces, there is an ‘interest free’ payment plan option available. Our deposit and bi-monthly instalment plan is very popular with patients being treated with braces.

We accept cash, cheque, VISA, Master Card, Amex and EFTPOS payments. If you chose to use the payment plan option for paying off the braces, you may also use online banking. 

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