Treatments > Carriere Motion 3D - Class II Correction Appliance

Benefits for you!

Shorter Treatment Time
The appliance is placed before your braces are put into place for faster movement of teeth and less time in braces.

Elastics Early On
Elastics are worn at the beginning of treatment when you are excited to start orthodontic treatment, rather than at the end when you are ready for your braces to come off.

Aesthetically Pleasing
Unique design makes the appliance hardly noticeable in your mouth.

Normal Speach
The quality of your speech is not affected unlike wearing other traditional orthodontic appliances.

No Facial Appliance Needed
Avoid the bulky feeling from alternative solutions which are more invasive, such as headgear, and worn outside the mouth.

Sleek, Low-Profile Design
The low profile and smooth surface makes it comfortable to wear; there is no poking of the lips/cheeks.

Good Oral Hygiene
The appliance is easy to clean, plus it is easy to brush your teeth to keep your mouth free of debris, resulting in good oral hygiene.
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