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After your braces are removed we will provide you with retention appliances.

You are to bring your retainer to all appointments so Dr Coveney can check it is fitting well an in a good condition. Regular appointments are required throughout the retention phase. This phase of treatment usually takes 5 - 6 years.

If you loose or break your retainer please let our office know as soon as possible so a replacement can be made. If the retainer is lost or broken through negligence, there will be a charge for its replacement. If a replacement is made due to wear there will be no charge. 

Types of Retention Appliances
Clear Plastic Retainer

This is a very thin clear plastic material that most people wont even notice you wearing. You will wear these retainers all day and all night for approximately twelve months. After this stage you will be asked to wear your retainer at night only for a further five to six years.

This is the most common from of retention appliance we use on the upper teeth. Normally we fit this retainer the day after the braces are removed.

Bonded Retainers

This is a wire permanently bonded behind the teeth with composite material (the same material used to hold the braces in place).

We normally use this type of retainer on the lower teeth only. When possible we will also use on the upper teeth, however usually this is not possible because it would interfere with your bite and cause damage to the teeth.

A bonded retainer usually remains in place for approximately five to six years. 
Why do I need Retention Appliances?

The retention phase of treatment is just as important as the active stage of treatment (when braces are on).

Wisdom teeth, growth or maturational changes, mouth breathing and other oral habits such as playing a wind instrument or biting finger nails can cause teeth to move. 

If the retention appliances are not worn exactly as instructed the chance of tooth movement is significant. We will provide you with a list of care instructions when we remove your braces, if at any time you require a copy of these instructions please contact our office.

If you damage or lose your retainer, please contact our office immediately.

It is important to keep regular appointments with Dr Coveney so he can monitor the stability of the result achieved.
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